• Research is viewed as an integral aspect of graduate training.
  • Students will be expected to demonstrate initiative in doing research. The ultimate goal is to attain the ability to conduct research in an independent and confident manner.
  • Students will choose a committee of faculty members who will guide them in selecting a variety of research experiences throughout their training. These experiences will develop the necessary conceptual skills used in designing and executing research.
  • During the first year, students will select a faculty research advisor who will assist in research opportunities. Prior to the completion of 15 semester hours, each student will be required to form a three-member advisory Master's thesis committee. This committee will help the student formulate a research project that culminates in the award of the M.S. degree. Students must complete a Master's thesis research project prior to being admitted to the doctoral program in the third year.
  • Before completing 12 hours of coursework beyond the Master's degree, students must form the faculty advisory committee responsible for guiding doctoral dissertation research. This doctoral advisory committee need not be composed of the same faculty members who were involved in the student's M.S. thesis.
  • By the time the student is ready to begin work on dissertation research, the department expects the student to have definite ideas regarding research interests and to have obtained the support of a faculty member who shares research interests.