Cognitive Neuroscience & Biopsychology

The Cognitive Neuroscience & Biopsychology (CNB) graduate concentration is dedicated to training today's students as individuals who shape the future of neuroscientific and biological research in psychology. Our current faculty are actively engaged in research in a multitude of areas. The CNB faculty conduct research in diverse populations, embrace varied conceptual and methodological orientations, and engage different levels of analysis.

In addition to their research involvement, CNB graduate students are encouraged to establish themselves as effective educators. They are invited to teach introductory psychology recitation sections, laboratories, and/or undergraduate courses during the academic year and summer sessions, with a special focus on courses that are relevant to their own research interests and career goals. They also have ample opportunities to mentor and supervise undergraduate students in their research programs.

We welcome your inquiries into our training area, so please feel free to contact the area director (Dr. Rachel Diana) or any of our affiliated faculty for more information.

GRE Scores will not be accepted for Fall 2023 application cycle (admission to Fall 2024):  For applicants to the Cognitive Neuroscience & Biopsychology training program, GRE scores will be neither required nor accepted.  All applicants are evaluated holistically.


 -Please contact Dr. Rachel Diana, area director, with any questions