Active Studies

Category Title
Adults Alcohol & Relationships Breathalyzer Study
This study seeks to understand the behavioral and emotional experiences of people who are in current dating relationships, including substance use and how they handle conflict. Participants will be assigned a portable breathalyzer as part of the study.
Adults Alcohol & Stress Couples Study
This study examines the day-to-day relationship, stress, and alcohol use experiences of bisexual+ adults (i.e., those attracted to more than one gender or regardless of gender, including pansexual, omnisexual, polysexual, queer, etc.) and their partners.
Babies and Toddlers Baby BEAR Study
The CAP Lab in the Psychology Department at Virginia Tech is recruiting families for a new research study focused on the foundations of personality.
Adults Couples Alcohol and Relationship Conflict Study
We are interested in interviewing adults who are in relationships who have been affected by alcohol use and relationship conflict.
Babies and Toddlers Multisensory Integration and Language Learning in Toddlers
We are interested in learning how toddlers put voices together with faces and put sounds together with objects.
Adults Volunteering Experiences Study
Virginia Tech researchers are recruiting participants for a research study about volunteering experiences