Active Studies

Category Title
Babies and Toddlers Baby BEAR Study
The CAP Lab in the Psychology Department at Virginia Tech is recruiting families for a new research study focused on the foundations of personality.
Adults Commuting Experiences Study
Virginia Tech researchers are recruiting participants for a research study about commuting experiences
Adults Daily Investigation of Shame and Eating Disorders (DISH) Study
This study seeks to understand emotions, eating behaviors, and psychological health in women.
Children Examination of Parental Influence on the Social-Emotional Functioning of Children
We are recruiting 9-15 year-olds through June 30, 2023 to participate in a research study focused on how parents can help foster more positive development of social and emotional competencies as children grow.
Any Family Brain Study
The AND Lab is now recruiting families to play FUN GAMES for brain study.
Teenagers Investigating Disordered Eating in Adolescents from Rural Communities (IDEA) Study
The SEED Lab is recruiting adolescents from Virginia with eating concerns to participate in a study that involves questionnaires and an interview.
Babies and Toddlers JEDI Research Study
The CAP Lab in the Psychology Department at Virginia Tech is recruiting mothers and their infants for their research study focused on emotion during infancy and toddlerhood.
Babies and Toddlers Multisensory Integration and Language Learning in Toddlers
We are interested in learning how toddlers put voices together with faces and put sounds together with objects.
Adults Neurodiverse Workplace Study
The VT Autism Center is seeking individuals to participate in a study that will explore how autistic and non-autistic adults collaborate on tasks.
Adults Psychophysiological distinctions in emotional responding: Sensitivity to perceiving loss of connection
The Mind-Body Lab is recruiting Americans of Chinese or European descent ages 18 to 28 for a research study on response to a video game.