Active Studies

Category Title
Any Online RELAX intervention study targeting emotion dysregulation and conflict among families of adolescents with ADHD
Do you have an adolescent with ADHD and poor emotion regulation? Are you interested in helping your child be better able to self regulate?
Teenagers Impact of COVID-19 on school-based services for teens with autism
We are conducting a study through Virginia Tech to better understand how COVID-19 has impacted school-based services for teens with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ages 14 to 21)
Adults Neurodiverse Workplace Study
The Mind Music and Machine Lab at Virginia Tech is seeking individuals to participate in a study that will explore the manner in which autistic and non- autistic adults collaborate on tasks.
Any Parents and their 7- to 11-year-old children are needed for Virginia Tech research!
We are working with families both in the US and China to understand children’s social development and family interactions
Children Recruiting Families for Brain Study
Teenagers RELAX Coping Program
The Child Study Center at Virginia Tech is currently offering a free, online coping program for middle school students during spring or fall 2021 to help students cope with the stresses of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic