Alcohol & Relationships Breathalyzer Study

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The aim of the study is to better understand the behavioral and emotional experiences of people who are in current dating relationships, including substance use and how they handle conflict. This study involves three parts:

1.     First, participants will come to a 90-minute, in-person laboratory session at Virginia Tech to complete questionnaires, have a free app installed on their smartphone, and be assigned a portable breathalyzer.

2.     After the in-person session, participants will complete brief (less than 5 minute) surveys on their smartphone up to 5 times daily for 30 consecutive days. Four times per night, participants will be asked to submit a breath sample to a portable breathalyzer.

3.     After the 30-day period, participants will return for a final in-person laboratory session for approximately 20 minutes. During this final session, participants will complete a final survey, return their breathalyzer, and delete their smartphone app.

You can earn up to $335.00 for participating in this study.

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