New River Valley Community Services' "Dissect and Connect" podcast interview with VT Autism Clinic student clinician and outreach coordinator

Thank you to Mike Wade with New River Valley Community Services for taking time to interview Jennifer Bertollo, VT Clinical Science doctoral level student and VTAC/CAR clinician and researcher, and Jen Scott, Rural Outreach and Grants Coordinator for VTAC/CAR.

Pandemic forces Virginia Tech’s Autism Clinic to go online, opening new ways to help more families than ever

When COVID-19 forced much of the world into self-quarantine and social distancing this past spring, the team at the Virginia Tech Autism Clinic had to completely rework how they operate.  Read more about their

Congratulations Ran Liu!

Ran Liu who was selected to receive 2019 Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-financed Students Abroad.  This scholarship award was created by the China Scholarship Council in 2003 to honor Chinese students with outstanding academic accomplishments. This is the highest award given by the Chinese government to graduate students studying at universities around the world.

Congratulations Ya-Yun Chen!

Ya-Yun Chen was selected to receive the Government Scholarship to Study Abroad (GSSA) issued by Taiwan Ministry of Education. This is a two year scholarship to support her research proposal, A longitudinal neuroimaging investigation of aggressive and prosocial behaviors in parent-child dyads and the influence factors.

Department statement on protests, violence following George Floyd’s death

The death of George Floyd and too many others, coming on the heels of a pandemic that has disproportionately impacted communities of color, have left many of us feeling pain, uncertainty, and vulnerability, especially our students and faculty of color.  Know that we as a Psychology Department stand with you who have suffered, and continue to suffer, from the long history of injustice in our soc