Applications and Admissions

Applications for the Developmental Science program are due Dec 1. Application procedures can be found here:

We use a holistic review process when making admissions decisions. Typically, we consider undergraduate grade point average (GPA), Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores*, a personal statement from prospective students, letters of reference, research experience, research interests, "fit" of research interests with our faculty, and commitment to Departmental and University values of service, inclusion, and diversity. Other characteristics taken into account are the quality of the prospective students' writing samples, the degree of difficulty in undergraduate course selection, and interviews.

We follow a mentoring model of selection in which individual faculty choose finalists from a pool of applicants. We look especially for compatibility between individual faculty interests and the research interests and research experience of individual applicants. Given this process, in your personal statement, please be sure to nominate preferred faculty members and describe why and/or how you would like to work with each of the faculty members.

*Please note: Due to COVID-19 disruptions, the Psychology Department made GRE scores optional; therefore, you are not required to submit GRE scores for applications submitted this fall 2021. The DS faculty have agreed to not consider GRE scores in admission decisions for the 2022 cohort.