Admissions Preparation, Selection, Offers, and Acceptances

Applications for the clinical science program are due Dec 1. Application procedures can be found here:

NOTE: GRE Scores are waived for Fall 2021 Admissions.  Recognizing ongoing complications for everyone brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, and acknowledging the pandemic’s disparate impact on potential applicants from underrepresented communities, we will waive GRE scores for the current recruiting cycle.  Applicants who do not submit GRE scores will be given full consideration and not be penalized.  Those who have taken the GREs and wish to submit their scores may do so.  All applicants are evaluated holistically.  If you submit GRE scores, have them reported directly to Virginia Tech; the ETS Institution Code is 5859. We do not yet know if GREs will be required for Fall 2022 admissions.

In preparation for our program, we recommend following guidance from the Council of University Directors of Clinical Psychology (CUDCP) on the preferred coursework and competencies for entering a health service psychology graduate program, which can be found here: CUDCP Preferred Predoctoral Competencies_2021.pdf. These suggestions and competencies are meant to serve as aspirational guidelines, and are neither necessary, nor sufficient for entering our program. Our admission review process is further described below.

We use a holistic review process when making admissions decisions. While we consider undergraduate grade point average (GPA) and Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores, we also consider letters of reference, a personal statement from prospective students, research experience, research interests, "fit" of research interests with our faculty, and commitment to Departmental and University values of service, inclusion, and diversity. Other characteristics taken into account are the quality of the prospective students' writing samples, the degree of difficulty in undergraduate course selection, and phone and personal interviews.

We follow a mentoring model of selection in which individual faculty choose finalists from a pool of applicants. There are no strict cutoffs for acceptable GPAs or GRE scores.  Other scholarly accomplishments, particularly research experience and scholarly productivity, are desirable and may offset lower GPAs or GRE scores. We look especially for compatibility between individual faculty interests and the research interests and actual research experience of individual applicants. Given this process, it is very important to nominate a preferred advisor on your application.

Individual faculty contact prospective applicants.  Offers of admission are made based on the candidate meeting Program, Departmental, and Graduate School requirements, plus the number of available applicant slots for the faculty advisor and the program. We typically conduct interviews of prospective candidates in early February.

Offers of admission can be extended during a large time period. Most of our initial offers of admission are extended by March 15 but can continue until April 15 based on number of acceptances and available slots.

Accepted students are offered full tuition remission and a full (20 hour) graduate assistantship.

As a member of the Council of University Directors of Clinical Psychology (CUDCP) we adhere to CUDCP's guidelines for offers into doctoral clinical psychology programs, cudcp_policy_for_admissions_offers_and_acceptances.pdf.