Dr. Martha Ann Bell Awarded 4-year U01 Funded by NIH/NIDA

Congratulations to Dr. Martha Ann Bell, who was awarded a 4-year U01 funded by NIH/NIDA.  MPIs with Dr. Bell are Dr. Brittany Howell (FBRI and Human Development) and Dr. Kathy Hosig (Veterinary Medicine, Public Health Extension Specialist).

The project is titled “HEALthy Brain and Child Development (HBCD)” and the Virginia Tech team joins 24 other teams in a national consortium that will follow 7,500 mothers and children from pregnancy to early childhood.  The focus is how various prenatal and early exposures, such as prenatal opioids and other substances, poverty, trauma, as well as positive environments, affect long-term development of children. HBCD is designed to align with the ABCD (Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development) study.

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