Work Stress and Recovery Lab (WSR)

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The Work Stress and Recovery (WSR) lab at Virginia Tech was founded by Dr. Charles Calderwood in 2017 with the goal of understanding how employees perceive, react to, and recover from work stress both at home and during the workday. Currently, the work we do in the lab consists of three primary streams of research, focusing on (1) off-job reactions to work stress, (2) work recovery processes, and (3) individual and work characteristics that contribute to the integration of work and non-work life. These lines of research encompass several current projects in the lab, which include efforts to understand how:

  • Personal and occupational characteristics influence employee perceptions of after-hours work demands
  • Supervisors and coworkers assist or impede employee efforts to recover from work stress during leisure time
  • Encountered work stressors engender reactions that persist into off-job time
  • Employee physical activity can be harnessed to maintain occupational health in demanding occupations

Interested potential graduate students are encouraged to contact Dr. Charles Calderwood directly at Current VT undergraduate students interested in gaining research experience are encouraged to apply for a research assistant position in the lab using the following application, which can be returned by e-mail:


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