Bachelor's Degree Careers

Eric Landrum lists over 70 careers that a person can get into with a bachelor's degree in psychology (see article here). Most of the job titles do not include the word "psychology," and the jobs are certainly not exclusive to those in psychology. It is not likely that any of us will look at the list and find one job title that looks better than all of the others. Still, it is possible that we might look at the list and learn something about the kinds of jobs that are appealing to us.

Although it is a long and varied list, some similarities and patterns are noticeable. Several of the jobs (e.g. Advertising Sales Representative, Disability Case Manager, Recreation Supervisor) involve working with the public, or specific clients. Other job titles (e.g. Advertising Sales Representative, Real Estate Agent) are clearly related to business. And some of the job titles (e.g. Computer Programmer, Market Research Analyst) are more technical.

The suggested courses and undergraduate experiences listed on our other career webpages apply to these positions as well. For example, if you are going to be working with clients or new people every day, many of our suggestions for clinical/counseling psychologists should apply here as well. If you are going into a business field, or the job requiring technical skills like statistical analysis programming, our pages for I/O psychology and data analysis would certainly be applicable.

If you find some of these job titles intriguing, do some research on them using the Bureau of Labor Statistics website. Also be sure to make an appointment with an advisor at Career and Professional Services.



Some college graduates get satisfaction from working for nonprofit organizations like Peace Corps and Teach for America. Use this link to access other nonprofit/social and human services resources. Be sure to scroll down to the "Nonprofit/Social & human services/Sociology-related/International service & department" link.