Hangouts for Small Group Meetings

Why Google Hangouts?

I would only recommend Google Hangouts if Zoom is not available for some reason.

NOTE: Google hangouts should work well for SMALL GROUPS.  Only 25 video clients are supported (only 10 for personal google accounts), and 150 audio clients. (Source)

NOTE: The meeting host should use CHROME for hangouts.  (Firefox works minimally)  When joining a meeting, Firefox works fine.

What are the limitations?

Google Hangouts works very similar to Zoom, with the following differences:


  • Audience can click a link and the stream starts right inside the browser.  No having to install software.
  • Firefox works fine for people joining the meeting.


  • The meeting host should USE CHROME  for best results, Firefox only works minimally.
  • Only 25 video clients can connect. (only 10 for personal google accounts)

Starting a Hangouts Meeting

  1. Using CHROME, go to (open chrome, type this in the top)
  2. Sign in using your VT email address and DUO 2factor login.
  3. Click 'VIDEO CALL'hangouts
  4. Click 'Join or start a meeting'hangouts
  5. Enter a name for the meeting.hangouts
  6. Chrome will ask you if its OK to use your camera and microphone, you must click Allow.hangouts
  7. Click 'Join now'hangouts
  8. 'Copy the joining info' and email it to your participants, or try using the 'Add people' option if everyone is at VT.hangouts
  9. Use the present now button to share your screen with the others.hangouts
  10. As people join, you will have to approve them entering the meeting.
  11. After the call, click the red phone to hang up.