Hosting a zoom meeting

Here is some getting started info for hosting a zoom meeting:

Test Run

It is very important to host a test meeting at least a few days ahead of time so that you can work out any problems you may encounter.  Video conferencing involves a lot of separate components and therefore it can be surprisingly problematic.

Before you begin!

  • I recommend restarting your computer (shutdown is not the same as restart) before you begin EVERY meeting, this helps avoid hardware and software bugs that are common with video conferencing!
  • Your computer must have a webcam so you can send your voice.  Most laptops have them by default.
  • You must have a fast internet connectionAsk others who share your wifi to stay offline during the meeting.
  • Zoom does not require admin access to your computer.
  • You will nee dot use DUO Two Factor authentication before you can use Zoom.  Make sure you have your cell phone setup.

Creating the meeting

  • First, start zoom by using this link (NOTE: you may have to sign in with DUO)
  • Click 'Host' meetingzoom-host_meeting
  • The Zoom app will start downloading, you have to click the installer to run it.
    • Firefox/Chrome may ask you if its OK to run the app, make sure you say YES.
    • If the download doesn't start, you can click 'Download and run Zoom', then run the Zoom app.
  • You may see the following screen to select computer audio.zoom-computer_audio
  • Once zoom has started, click the 'Invite' icon.zoom-invite_icon
  • Click the 'Copy URL' button.zoom-copy_url
  • Start a new email message, and paste the link into the message.
  • Send the email to whomever you want to join the meeting.
  • You need to share your screen so that everyone can see your slides.zoom-share_screen
  • Finally, start your powerpoint presentation as you normally would in class.
  • After your presentation is over, be sure to click 'End Meeting'zoom-end_meeting