Online RELAX intervention study targeting emotion dysregulation and conflict among families of adolescents with ADHD

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Do you have an adolescent with ADHD and poor emotion regulation? Are you interested in helping your child be better able to self regulate?  Virginia Tech’s Department of Psychology is inviting middle school students with ADHD and their families to participate in an online intervention study focused on teaching adolescents emotion regulation, communication, and conflict management skills and how parents can support their adolescents in using these skills.

  • An 8 week virtual group intervention involving parents and adolescents + 2 review sessions (1 month and 6 months after intervention is done)
  • Completion of online questionnaires on emotional/behavioral health at the beginning and end of intervention, and at the review sessions
  • Coping, communication, and conflict management skills
  • A total of $300 in compensation is available for completing all parts of the study.

Call the CALMER Lab to receive more information about the study and/or to schedule the initial study visit: 540-231-8511 or