Multisensory Integration in Toddlers

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 The iLanguage, Environment, Attention, Parenting (iLEAP) Lab in the Department of Psychology at Virginia Tech is seeking parents and their 18-month-old toddlers for a research study on multisensory functioning and language learning.  Toddlers are able to watch videos where they see either people or objects moving, and hear a soundtrack that matches these movements (e.g., a woman talking and hearing her voice). We will test your toddler again when they are 24-months and then at 36-months. We are seeing whether the speed and accuracy of the children's ability to match what they see and hear is related to their language learning - we need you and your toddler to help us answer this question. We offer both in-person and online appointments, depending on which you feel is most convenient for you and your toddler. If you choose in-person, we welcome older siblings if you would like to bring them along and have convenient parking near our location. We will compensate you $20.00 for each visit ($60.00 total). Your toddler must be learning predominantly English and not have any known developmental disorder. Please contact us at 540-231-3972 or email us at  You can also check out our website at  We hope to see you soon! (approved IRB#21-773)