Baby BEAR Study

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The CAP Lab in the Psychology Department at Virginia Tech is recruiting families for a new research study focused on the foundations of personality. This research study is being conducted at three universities across the United States. In addition to local families participating at Virginia Tech, other families are participating at Washington State University and at Florida Atlantic University.

Participation involves seven “visits” with us between the time your infant is 2 and 24 months of age. We are recruiting infants who were born full term, with no prenatal or birth complications.

The first visit at 2 months is online questionnaires and you will receive a $25 Amazon gift card.

The next five visits will be in our research lab. These are 60-90 min visits when your child is between 6 and 18 months. During these visits, your infant will play games with us while wearing a little sensor cap to collect brain-wave activity (EEG). Your infant will sit on your lap and in a highchair beside you during the visit. You would complete online questionnaires at each visit.

You will receive $50 cash for lab visits between 6 and 10 months and $75 cash for visits between 12 and 18 months.

The final visit at 24 months focuses on questionnaires, an interview, and your child will play some games with us. You will receive $100 cash for the final visit.

Come and be a part of the CAP Lab’s science family! Contact Leslie Patton at (540) 231-2320 or to hear more details.

*This study has been approved by the Washington State University Institutional Review Board
*This study has been funded by the National Institutes of Health (R01 MH125800).