ADAA Member Spotlight: Krystal M. Lewis, PhD

“My graduate school advisor, Thomas H. Ollendick, encouraged his students to join ADAA and doing so was such a great decision. ADAA has been my professional home since 2008 and during that time I have presented posters and talks at the annual conferences, participated in the Career Development Leadership program (CDLP), co-chaired Special Interests Groups (SIG), mentored with the CDLP, and volunteered to help with several other endeavors. ADAA is an amazing organization and a provides great opportunities for young professionals to volunteer, network, and experience immense professional growth. I’m excited to continue working with ADAA as my own professional goals align nicely with the organizations mission.”

“I really enjoy the collaboration with professionals around the country. ADAA provides an opportunity to learn about research by attending talks at the conference, participating in webinars, and reading about new insights via email or social media. I especially enjoy the relationships that have developed from participating with the different SIGs. The Child and Adolescent SIG has monthly peer consultation calls which allows us to engage with specialists within our organization and obtain clinical consultation for challenging, unique cases. It’s a space for clinicians at all stages of development to talk with one another, share insightful tips and tools, and be part of a community of providers who are passionate about providing the best clinical care to children and adolescents.”

“Being an active ADAA member contributes to my work in a variety of ways. I have at hand a group of professionals whom I can call on when I need clinical advice, researchers who I can collaborate with on projects or involve in SIG meetings to present their work, and a professional home where I feel most comfortable. I encourage students and trainees to join this organization which will contribute to their professional growth and maintain their excitement about their work.”

About Dr. Lewis:
Krystal M. Lewis, PhD is a clinical psychologist who works with children and adolescents at the National Institute of Mental Health. She provides Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to youth participating in a pediatric anxiety study. Dr. Lewis specializes in evidence-based treatments including cognitive behavior therapy and exposure therapy for anxiety. She also has a small private practice where she provides services to children and adults. Dr. Lewis is invested in helping parents, teachers, and those who work with youth to better identify signs and symptoms of anxiety in youth and works to ensure that the effective practices are being used to prevent and treat anxiety. She gives talks around the community to disseminate best practices for child anxiety.