Department Website: Requesting Updates or Adding New Content

Requesting Updates to the Website*

If you find an error on the department website, or have an update you want to add somewhere, email Emily Walsh at and follow the steps below.

  1. Locate the page which needs to be updated and include that link in the email to Emily.
  2. Include all needed edits in the email and any new links, if applicable. 

Requesting New Content for the Website*

  1. Please send the new content you wish to have added to the department website in a Word document or Google document to Emily Walsh at  
  2. Please specify where you would like this content added on the site (e.g., on a specific page or on a new page).
  3. If there are any photos that you would like to include, please be sure to share them. Click here to follow the steps for sharing photos from your phone.
  4. If there are any videos that you would like to include, please be sure to share them on

Emily will confirm when all updates have been made. 

*NOTE: Using these methods helps us make sure we get the new information in the correct place on the website as quickly as possible.