Corinne Carlton

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Social anxiety; reward; motivation; affect; social exclusion; early adversity; anhedonia; translational research

Select Publications
  • Carlton, C.N., Sullivan-Toole, H., Ghane, M., & Richey, J.A., (in press). Reward circuitry and motivational deficits in social anxiety disorder: What can be learned from mouse models? Frontiers in Neuroscience.
  • Cougle, J. R., Mueller, N. E., McDermott, K. A., Wilver, N. L., Carlton, C. N., & Okey, S. A. (in press). Text message safety behavior reduction for social anxiety: A randomized controlled trial. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology.
  • Richey, J., Sullivan-Toole, H., Strege, M., Carlton, C., McDaniel, D., Komelski, M., Epperley, A.,Zhu, H., & Allen, I., (2019). Precision implementation of minimal erythema dose (MED) testing to assess individual variation in human inflammatory response. Journal of Visualized Experiments.
  • Cougle, J., Wilver, N., Day, T., Summers, B., Okey, S., & Carlton, C. (2019) Interpretation bias modification versus progressive muscle relaxation for social anxiety disorder: A web-based study. Behavior Therapy.
  • Meyer, A., Carlton, C., Chong, L., & Wissemann, K. (2019). The presence of a controlling parent is related to an increase in the error-related negativity in 5 - 7 year-old children. Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology.
  • Smith, H. L., McDermott, K. A., Carlton, C. N., & Cougle, J. R. (2019). Predictors of symptom outcome in interpretation bias modification for dysphoria. Behavior Therapy, 50, 646-658.
  • Mathes, B., Kennedy, G., Wilver, N., Carlton, C., & Cougle, J. (2019). A multi-method analysis of incompleteness in behavioral treatment of contamination-based OCD. Behaviour Research and Therapy. 114, 1-6.
  • Meyer, A., Carlton, C., Crisler, S., & Kallen, A. (2018). The development of the error-related negativity in large sample of adolescent females: Associations with anxiety symptoms. Biological Psychology, 138, 96-103.
  • Wilver, N. L., Summers, B. J., Garratt, G. H., Carlton, C. N., & Cougle, J. R. (2018). An initial investigation of the unique relationship between disgust propensity and body dysmorphic disorder. Psychiatry Research, 269, 237-243.

B.S., Psychology & Biology