Using Matlab/SPSS/Anaconda inside Canvas


This is a brand new service provided by VT.  It is still in testing but seems to work well.

You must first request access to the canvas virtual lab, contact me to do so.

After you have been invited to the canvas virtual lab:

  • Make sure you are using Chrome (firefox is broken as of 6Feb2024)
  • Login to and approve the request
  • Select the course 'Psychology Virtual Lab'
  • On the home screen, click the link 'Apporto'
  • Load Apporto in a new window
  • Under the 'Math/Stats' desktop, click 'Launch'

PLEASE NOTE: You should save all your important files to onedrive.  Anything saved in the virtual lab may disappear due to the nature of the technology.  After you finish your work, upload all your files back to onedrive.  (click here to open onedrive in chrome)