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The Child Study Center at Virginia Tech is currently offering a free, online coping program for middle school students during spring or fall 2021 to help students cope with the stresses of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Additionally, we are recruiting for a research study (IRB # 21-022) that seeks to evaluate the effectiveness of the RELAX (Regulating Emotions Like An eXpert) Coping Program.

The RELAX Coping Program targets coping, communication, and conflict management skills for use with adolescents who struggle to manage big emotions like anger, frustration, worry, and sadness. The RELAX Coping Program consists of an interactive website with 5 social-emotional learning modules: 

  1. Managing Your Emotions
  2. My Coping Skills
  3. How Emotions Influence Thoughts and Behaviors
  4. How to Respond During Conflicts 
  5. Perspective Taking and Conflict Resolution.

In these modules, conflict refers to any disagreement, misunderstanding, or conflictual situation adolescents may have with their peers, teachers, or parents (e.g., how much time the adolescent can spend playing video games, when school work needs to be completed, what sleep schedules should look like, engaging in safe social interactions).

If interested in participating, please contact the Child Study Center at or 540-231-8276.