Computational Organizational Research Lab (CORE)

Faculty Director

About Us

The Computational Organizational Research laboratory seeks to advance the current understanding of human behavior by harnessing massive data sets collected from social media.

We derive insight from these data using state-of-art methods including predictive modeling, text analysis, social network analysis, and applied psychometrics.

Our research topics include workplace satisfaction, method development, and people analytics.

Current Research Projects

Social Media Metrics:

How can social media data be utilized to study organizational research constructs? This research project examines how work stress, job satisfaction, and organizational commitment, and other traits manifest in people's thoughts, images, and networks posted on social media.

People Analytics:

How can we infer psychological attributes about individuals using subtle clues provided? This research project examines how people's personality, cognitive ability, and other personal attributes can be predicted from trace data such as resumes and images.

Research Methods:

How can we develop better methods for studying organizational behavior? This research project examines how to analyze data more precisely and leverage computational models to improve methodology.

Join Us

Prospective Graduate Students

Please feel free to contact the principal Investigator, Ivan Hernandez, if you are interested in our research and our program.

Graduate students in this lab enjoy a variety of training opportunities, and welcome students with diverse skill sets.

For more information about our program, please visit the Virginia Tech I-O Psychology website:

Prospective Undergraduate Research Assistants

We welcome highly motivated and conscientious undergraduate research assistants to be involved in the research.

Research assistants will be given opportunities on various research projects and receive basic research method training.

Excellent RAs will receive recommendations for graduate school and job applications, and as well as experience preparing research presentations and publications.

To apply to be an undergraduate research assistant, please apply at the following link: Apply Here