Using Titanium Schedule

What is Titanium Schedule?

Titanium (Ti) Schedule is the electronic client records system for all clinical services under the auspices of the Psychological Services Center (PSC).  It is designed specifically for university counseling centers (e.g., Cook Counseling Center), yet it is used at a number of departmental psychology training clinics.  If you want to learn more about Ti you can visit their website at which includes demonstration and instructional videos.

What are your responsibilities?

You must be careful with the information stored in Ti:

  • Be sure to close Ti and log out after you are finished.
  • Do not export or save any information onto your computer.
  • Only print information if absolutely necessary.
  • Make sure to shred hard copies as soon as possible, if they are not being placed in the client's hard copy chart.

Logging into the TI Server

Please use the instructions for connecting to redwood.

Starting TI

Once you have signed-in to the Ti server, you will see a folder on the desktop called "Titanium Schedule".  Open the folder and run Ti10.exe.  You will need to sign-in to Ti with your Ti-specific username and password.

Closing TI

IMPORTANT: Our current 5-user license is based on the number of concurrent users.  As such, only 5 people can have Ti open at a time!  We contracted with the Ti company that given the nature of our clinical training program the likelihood of more than 5 people being on Ti at the same time for a reasonable period of time is quite low.  To honor our agreement and keep costs low as possible, please make sure that after you have finished your work with Ti, close out Ti Schedule, and then choose 'log-out' from the start menu.  Thanks!