Video Conferencing (SKYPE)


We now have skype and zoom capability in all three conference rooms.

How to start a Skype call

  • Turn on the computer located on the left side of the TV
  • Turn on the TV and set the TV input to DVI
  • Locate the wireless keyboard/touchpad
  • Sign into the computer using your Dept ID
  • Start skype and sign in using your Skype ID (use the skype ID on the keyboard if you dont have a Skype ID)
  • Add the remote site to your contacts list by searching for their contact details
  • Locate the remote site in your contacts list and select 'video call'

How to call standard phone numbers

The Skype systems can call regular phones as well, just enter the full number as if dialing long distance.  (do NOT dial 9 first to get off campus)