Video Conferencing (Polycom)


The Psychology Department's second floor conference room has a Polycom video conferencing system installed.

How to make a video conference call (Polycom)

Note: Only the second floor conference room can make Polycom calls.

Turn on the system

  • Turn on polycom unit
  • Turn on TV
  • Set TV input to component1

To Receive a call

No action is necessary to receive a call, just have the system turned on.

Make a call

  • Place the microphone base on the conference table
  • Using the polycom remote, enter the IP address of the remote site
  • Press the green phone
    • To receive a call, give the remote site our IP Address:
    • The Room's Telephone Phone Number: 540-231-1721 
    • The rooms telephone plugs into the computer port (not the phone port) in the center of the table.  It will take approx 5 minutes to power up.

To turn off the polycom

  • Press and hold the power button on the remote (or hold the button on the polycom base)
  • Turn off the television
  • The remote control is motion sensitive, and will turn itself off after a few seconds



  • The remote isn't working- Sometimes the remote control stops working.  There are two things you can try to correct this issue:
    • Turn down or off the room lights, sometimes the room lights interfere with the signal from the remote.  After the call is setup, you can turn the room lights back up.
    • The system needs to be power cycled.  Simply flip off the surge protector to the right of the table for 5 seconds, then flip it back on.  Then turn on the Polycom again and the remote should be functional.