John Wang

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307 Williams Hall
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I am a PhD student in the Psychology department and part of the Translational Decision Neuroscience Lab at the VTCRI.

Decision Making, Neuroeconomics, Reinforcement Learning, Addiction, Ethics, Morality

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Learning: 2016 Spring

Select Publications
  • Wang, J.M., Koldewyn, K., Hashimoto, R., Schneider, A., Lien, L., Iwahashi, C., Tassone, F., Cheung, K., Hagerman, P.J., Hessl, D.R., & Rivera, S.M. (2012). Male carriers of the FMR1 premutation show altered hippocampal-prefrontal function during memory encoding. Frontier in Human Neuroscience, 6(297).
  • Wang, J.M., Seidler, R.D., Hall, J.L., & Preston, S.D. (2012). The neural bases of acquisitiveness: Decisions to acquire and discard everyday goods depend on task, item type, and individual differences. Neuropsychologia, 50(5), 939-948.
  • Selmeczy D., Koldewyn K., Wang J.M., Lee A., Harvey D., Hessl D.R., Tassone F., Adams P., Hagerman R.J., Hagerman P.J., & Rivera S.M. (2011). Investigation of amygdala volume in men with the fragile X permutation. Brain Imaging and Behavior, 5(4), 285-294.
  • Hessl D.R., Wang J.M., Schneider A., Koldewyn K., Le L., Iwahashi C., Cheung K., Tassone F., Hagerman P.J., Rivera S.M. (2011). Decreased fragile x mental retardation protein expression underlies amygdala dysfunction in carriers of the fragile x premutation. Biological Psychiatry, 70(9), 859-865.
  • MS Psychology, Virginia Tech 2015
  • BS Neuroscience, Michigan 2008