Toria Herd

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  • - Developmental psychopathology during adolescence
  • - Developmental change in parent-child relationship quality
  • - Emotion regulation as a process related to psychopathology
  • - Risk and resilience
  • - Longitudinal data analysis
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  • PSYC 1004- Introductory Psychology Course Coordinator and SONA Manager
  • PSYC 1004- Introductory Psychology Recitation
Select Publications
  • Herd, T., Li, M. Maciejewski, D., Lee, J., Deater-Deckard, D., King-Casas, B., & Kim-Spoon, J. (in press). Inhibitory control mediates the association between perceived stress and secure relationship quality. Frontiers in Psychology.
  • Maciejewski, D., Lauharatanahirun, N., Herd, T., Lee, J., Deater-Deckard, K., King-Casas, B., & Kim-Spoon, J. (in press). Neural cognitive control moderates the association between neural risk processing and adolescent health risk behaviors via perceived stress. Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience.

B.A., Psychology, 2016, State University of New York at Geneseo