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Fall 2017 Psychological Disorders of Children
Spring 2018 Psychological Disorders of Children

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  • Fall 2017 Psychological Disorders of Children
  • Spring 2018 Psychological Disorders of Children
Select Publications
  • Braconnier, M. L., Coffman, M.C., Kelso, N., & Wolf, J.M. (In Press). Quality of the Sibling Relationship When One Child Has ASD: Parent-Child Agreement and Contributions of the Affected vs. Unaffected Child. Journal of autism and developmental disorders.
  • Richey, J.A., Ghane, M., Valdespino, A., Coffman, M. C., Strege, M., White, S.W., Ollendick, T.H. (2017). Spatiotemporal dissociation of brain activity underlying threat and reward in social anxiety disorder. Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, 12(1), 81-94.
  • Wieckowski, A.T.,* Coffman, M.C.,* Kim-Spoon, J., White, S.W., Richey, J.A., Ollendick, T.H. (2016). Impaired fear recognition and social anxiety symptoms in adolescence. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 25(11), 3381-3386.
  • *denotes co-first author
  • White, S.W., Richey, J.A., Gracanin, D., Coffman, M., Elias, R., LaConte, S., Ollendick, T.H. (2016). Psychosocial and computer-assisted intervention for college students with autism spectrum disorder: Preliminary support for feasibility. Education and Training in Autism and Developmental Disabilities, 51(3), 307-317.
  • Trubanova, A., Kim, I., Coffman, M.C., Bell, M.A., Richey, J.A., LaConte, S., Gracanin, D., White, S.W. (2015). The role of perspective-taking on ability to recognize fear. Current Research in Psychology, 6(2), 22-30.
  • Coffman, M.C.,* Trubanova, A.,* Richey, J.A., White, S.W., Kim-Spoon, J., Ollendick, T.H, Pine, D.S. (2015). Validation of the NIMH-ChEFS adolescent face stimulus set in an adolescent and parent sample. International Journal of Methods in Psychiatric Research, 24(4), 275-286.
  • *denotes co-first author
  • 7. Coffman, M. C., Anderson, L. C., Naples, A. J., & McPartland, J. C. (2015). Sex differences in social perception in children with ASD. Journal of autism and developmental disorders, 45(2), 589-599.
  • Cox, A., Kohls, G., Naples, A., Mukerji, C., Coffman, M.C., Rutherford, H., Mayes, L., & McPartland, J. (2015). Diminished social reward anticipation in the broad autism phenotype as revealed by event-related brain potentials. Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, 10(10), 1357-1364.
  • Richey, J.A., Damiano, C.R., Sabatino, A. Rittenberg, A, Petty, C. Bizzell. J., Voyvodic, J., Heller, A., Coffman, M.C., Smoski, M. Davidson, R.J. & Dichter, G.S. (2015). Neural mechanisms of emotion regulation in autism spectrum disorder. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 45(11) 3409-3423.
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  • Hashim, P., Travieso, R., Persing, J., Coffman, M., Mukerji, C., Naples, A., Tillman, R., Terner, J., Landi, N., Patel, A., Steinbacher, D., Mayes, L. & McPartland, J. (2014). Brain electrophysiology reveals intact processing of speech sounds in deformational plagiocephaly. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, 133(6) 835e-841e.
  • Naples, A., Ngyuyen-Phuc, A., Coffman, M., Kresse, A., Faja, S., Bernier, R., & McPartland, J. A. (2014). Computer-generated animated face stimulus set for psychophysiological research. Behavioral Research Methods, 47(2), 562-570.
  • Anderson, L.C., Bolling, D.Z., Schelinski, S., Coffman, M., Kaiser, M.D., & Pelphrey, K.A. (2013). Sex Differences in the Development of Brain Mechanisms for Biological Motion. NeuroImage, 83, 751-60.
  • McPartland, J., Coffman, M., & Pelphrey, K. (2011). Recent advances in understanding the neural bases of autism spectrum disorder. Current Opinions in Pediatrics, 23(6), 628-32.

Vanderbilt University, 2009, B.S. in Psychology and Child Studies