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Jessica Gladfelter, M.S. is a fourth year Industrial Organizational Psychology PhD candidate. She graduated from Roanoke college with a B.S. in Psychology in 2015. She defended her masters thesis at VT in December 2017. In addition to being a member of both the SCIP and ILT lab, she is also a GTA. Specifically, she is the instructor for Principles of Psychological research.

Principles of Psychological Research

Select Publications
  • Acton, B., Foti, R., Lord, R., & Gladfelter, J. (2018). Putting emergence back in leadership emergence: A dynamic, multilevel, process-oriented framework. The Leadership Quarterly Yearly Review
  • Gladfelter, J. & Friedman, D. (2014). Texting during Homework: The millennial generation’s ability to thrive despite constant technological interruptions. The Journal of Psychology and Behavioral Science, 2, 39-50.
  • Professional Publications
  • Gladfelter J. & Mosier, D. (2014). Identifying pre-attack indicators for special events. Domestic Preparedness Journal, 10, 14-15.
  • Mosier, D. & Gladfelter, J. (2014). Protect your church from domestic disputes. Church Executive, web-exclusive
  • Gladfelter, J. & Mosier, D. (2014). See something, say something? Church Executive, web-exclusive
  • Regulatory focus/fit
  • Micro-aggression for both Race and Gender
  • Instrument Development
  • Leadership as an emergent process
  • Gender and leadership