Bryan Acton

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Office Address
225 Williams Hall
Short Bio
Bryan Acton is entering his final year in Virginia Tech’s I/O Psychology PhD program.

As a member of the Interface of Leadership and Teams lab (ILT lab), his primary research interests lie in modeling team behavior and leadership in a dynamic fashion. He is currently focused on projects that study newly formed teams over time, with a specific focus on the role that team composition plays in this dynamic process. Additionally, he is interested in the use of agent based modeling and other forms of computational modeling and data simulation for the study of leadership dynamics.
  • Team Dynamics
  • Informal/Emergent Leadership
  • Antecedents of Team Leadership and Leader Emergence
  • Leader/Follower Perceptions
  • Multilevel Theory
  • Computational Modeling/Data Simulation
Recent Courses Taught
  • PSYCH 2004: Introduction to Psychology (recitation)
  • PSYCH 2084: Social Psychology
Select Publications

Acton, B. P., Foti, R. J., Lord, R. G., & Gladfelter, J. G. (2019). Putting emergence back in leadership emergence: A dynamic, multilevel process-oriented framework. The Leadership Quarterly.

  • 2013 B.A., Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, North Adams, MA
  • 2016 M.S., Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA