Andrea Pittarello

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Faculty: Department of Psychology
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Spring 2022 - T & TR 2-3PM, W 11-12PM, or via Zoom by appointment.
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119 Williams Hall
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Short Bio
I study judgment and decision making with particular focus on prosocial behavior, ethics, and risk perception.

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2017-2018: Lecturer, Brooklyn College, NY
2016-2018: Assistant Professor, University of Groningen, Groningen (the Netherlands)
2014-2016: Postdoctoral Fellow, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beer Sheva (Israel)
2012-2013: Research Associate, Eller College of Management, University of Arizona, Tucson (AZ)
2014: Ph.D. Psychology, University of Padova, Padova (Italy)
  • Judgment and Decision Making
  • Behavioral Economics
  • Prosocial Behavior
Recent Courses Taught
  • PSYC 4364 “Behavioral Ethics”
  • BDS 2005 BDS 2006 "Fundamentals of Decision Science"
  • PSYC 4024 "Industrial/Organizational Psychology"
  • PSYC 4184 "Science of Giving"
Select Publications
  • Pittarello, A., & Kogut, T. (Forthcoming). "To Ask or Not to Ask: Enhancing Donations to Nonprofits by Soliciting Opinions Upfront, Rather than Donations". Journal of Business and Psychology.

  • Pittarello, A., Fratescu, M, & Mathôt, S. (Forthcoming). "Temptation Shapes Dishonesty and can Alter Working Memory" Current Psychology.

  • Pittarello, A., & Foti, R. J. (Forthcoming). “Context corrupts: What makes leaders fail to see their (mis)behaviors”, in Judgment and Leadership: A multidisciplinary approach to concepts, practice, and development, Edward Elgar Publishing: New York.

  • PIttarello, A., Caserotti, M., & Rubaltelli, E. (2019) ‘Three is better than two’: Increasing donations with the attraction effect. In Press at British Journal of Psychology. DOI:10.1111/bjop.12428

  • Leib, M, Pittarello, A, Gordon-Hecker, T., Shalvi, S., & Roskes, M. (2019). Loss framing increases self-serving mistakes (but does not alter attention). In Press at Journal of Experimental Social Psychology.

  • Pittarello, A., Fratescu, M, & Mathôt, S. (2019). Visual saliency influences ethical blind spots and (dis)honesty. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review. DOI: 10.3758/s13423-019-01638-1.

  • Gordon-Hecker, T., Pittarello, A., Shalvi, S., & Roskes, M. (2019). Buy-One-Get-One Free Deals Attract More Attention than Percentage Deals. Journal of Business Research.

  • Rubaltelli, E*., & Pittarello, A*. (2018). Negative Emotion and Trait Emotional Intelligence in Reaction to Terrorist Attacks. Personality and Individual Differences, 123, 247-252. (*shared first authorship)

  • Canale, N., Rubaltelli, E., Vieno, A., Pittarello, A., Billieux, J. (2017). Impulsivity influences betting under stress in laboratory gambling. Scientific Reports. doi:10.1038/s41598-017-10745-9.

  • Pittarello, A., Conte, B., Caserotti, M., Scrimin, S., Rubaltelli, E. (2017). Emotional intelligence buffers the effect of physiological arousal on dishonesty. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review. doi:10.3758/s13423-017-1285-9.

  • Gordon-Hecker, T., Rosensaft-Eshel, D., Pittarello, A., Shalvi, S., & Bereby-Meyer, Y. (2017). Not Taking Responsibility: Equity trumps efficiency in allocation decisions. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 146, 771-775.

  • Motro, D., Ordóñez, L., Pittarello, A., & Welsh, D. (2016). Investigating the effects of anger and guilt on unethical decision-making: A dual process approach. Journal of Business Ethics. doi: 10.1007/s10551-016-3337-x.

  • Ordóñez, L., Benson, L., & Pittarello, A. (2016). Time pressure perception and decision-making. In G. Keren and G. Wu (Eds): The Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Judgment and Decision Making.

  • Pittarello, A., Rubaltelli, E., & Motro, D. (2016). Legitimate lies: The relationship between omission, commission, and cheating. European Journal of Social Psychology, 46, 481-491.

  • Pittarello, A., Motro, D., Rubaltelli, E., & Pluchino, P. (2016). The relationship between attention allocation and cheating. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 23, 609-616.

  • Pittarello, A., Leib, M., Gordon-Hecker, T., & Shalvi, S. (2015). Justifications shape ethical blind spots. Psychological Science, 26, 794-804.

  • Agnoli, S*., Pittarello, A*., Hysenbelli, D*., & Rubaltelli, E*. (2015). Give, but give until it hurts: The modulatory role of trait emotional intelligence on the motivation to help. PlosOne, 10(6), e0130704 (* shared first authorship)

  • Pittarello, A., Rubaltelli, E., & Rumiati, R. (2013). You can't be better than me: The role of the reference point in modulating people's pursuit of wealth. Journal of Economic Psychology, 37, 65-76.

Ph.D Psychology, University of Padova (Italy) 2014